The Lone Yogi


Hi there, my name is Jay and welcome to my website. Here is a little more information about me and what I offer and please feel free to send me a message via email, facebook or instagram below. 

I’m known as ‘The Lone Yogi’ for being the only male on my initial course (Yogi is male in Indian tradition) and I’m fully qualified in yoga, meditation and mindfulness having completed over 500 hours of registered Yoga Alliance trainings both in India and the UK.

I am currently based in Brighton, UK but also teach around the world in destinations such as Spain, Ibiza, Canada and my place of birth, the island of Guernsey.

I have been practicing and teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness for several years now.

What I teach


I currently teach a range of yoga practices with varying but equally great benefits from traditions of Hatha and Sivananda, Vinyasa flow and Restorative yoga.


I utilise different techniques I have learnt over the years from breath work, visualisations, mantras, affirmations and yogic sleep.

Mindfulness At Work

My corporate background leaves me best placed to assist people in the workplace with mindfulness and demonstrate from experience how this practice can be applied and its benefits.

My background

I observe the pattern of my thoughts in full awareness I am not these thoughts, but the peace between them.

My yoga journey started because like a lot of people, I struggled with family drama, love and a busy job and I wanted to find an alternative way to manage my wellbeing. I remember going to my first yoga retreat in Spain and crying at the end of class but not really sure why. I soon realised I was on a path to self discovery, to a new world where not only was I feeling better physically but was gaining awareness over my thoughts and their unhelpful patterns.

I now teach because I want to share the freedom that yoga, meditation and mindfulness gave to my life, to my mind. Everything I have learnt comes from a place of experience, a place of knowing, a place of observation. The key is to learn on the mat, for when we are off the mat…. 

What I offer

30 minute meditation sessions live via zoom webinar for a guided practice (suitable for beginners and advanced) 

I also offer the following:

1-1/group practices, yoga studio classes, office-based mindfulness, meditation, healing sessions, retreats & teacher trainings.


Online Meditation  – Monday 12 noon and Thursday 8 am (UK time zone)

Contact me via the below email or social media for Zoom link and Paypal details

Mindfulness at Work

Ibiza Retreat (May 2021)

"Absolutely love Jay's yoga classes. He makes you feel at ease instantly and leads you through your practice in such an open and welcoming way. He keeps it real and doesn't force you beyond what you're capable of, but equally gets the best out of you. He incorporates breathing and meditation which leaves you feeling energised and calm."
"Great teacher, I definitely recommend Jay! There is something about his voice that leaves you feeling totally at peace by the end of the practice."​
"​I have always found meditation a challenge due to the busy nature of my life but after Jays sessions I feel so positive and energised... he guides you beautifully through a range of techniques, he has a wealth of knowledge and a calm and beautiful voice for meditation."​
"​Jay is a wonderful yoga and meditation teacher with a pure soul... his practice is real and his voice is calm and peaceful. This Lone Yogi is uniquely special"

Pricing Plan


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